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In this game, the group will consist of characters who are all partners in an Underdark expedition company based in the dwarven city of Mountain Hall – a city that sits atop an entrance to the underground depths of the Underdark.

The PCs will be the owners and executives of the company, with a number of employees beneath them – many of whom will be tasked with accompanying the PCs on their expeditions into the Underdark. Porters, guards, scouts, and others might accompany the PCs, but it will be up to the PCs – as people with unique talents and abilities – to lead from the front. Employee guards, for example, might be able to handle night watch duty, protection of goods, and be able to man barricades to keep a base (temporary or permanent) from being overrun, but it will be up to PCs to clear the areas ahead. It’s a high-risk, high-reward enterprise, but that’s why the PCs get paid the big money.

Players are encouraged to think about their employees and develop them, whether as trusted companions, overworked underlings, or disgruntled minions – undeveloped employees have a tendency to die with disturbing regularity, after all. As their expeditions go on, the company may grow, and more people will report to and rely on the PCs – finding a lost city may give the group the opportunity to create their own underground kingdom, if not more!

Also, the Underdark is a dangerous place. It is home to the drow, beholders, duergar, aboleths, mind flayers, and a host of other unpleasant creatures who shun the light of day. While PCs are capable in battle, sometimes it may be smarter to retreat – or, better yet, enter negotiations. Even drow need supplies, and perhaps an Underdark community can provide the PCs and their company with valued equipment, information, or a base of operations. It’s a dark and dangerous world – think before attacking, and remember that everyone needs allies.

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