Character Creation


For this campaign, character creation guidelines will be as follows.

Level: PCs will start at level 5; as the Underdark is highly dangerous for characters of lower level.

Ability Score Generation: Players can use either a standard array or the point buy (20 points) option.

Race & Class: All races and classes available on the Character Builder are available to players; special cases may be discussed, but a good reason will be needed. If you want to choose something that seems setting-specific, let me know and I’ll see if it can be worked in.

Backgrounds: Taking a background is encouraged, but not required; if one is taken, I’d like to know how it fits into the character’s past.

Themes: Themes are also encouraged; the themes available in the Into the Unknown supplement may be particularly useful for a game like this one. If you choose a theme, I’d like to know how it fits into the character’s background.

Equipment: Each PC can start with a level 6 magic item, a level 5 magic item, a level 4 magic item, and 840 gp; all other funds are assumed to be sunk into the company. Any non-setting, non-rare items are freely available.

History: PCs, as partners in the company, are expected to know each other well already, so I encourage players to talk to each other about how each knows the others, how they got together, how they formed the company, and other such details.

Character Creation

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